Buffalo, NY's Casey Bolles performing two songs from his most recent album 'Freshman'. Casey is now signed with Pure Noise Records and will hopefully be releasing new music soon. Listen to/check out Casey Bolles here: https://purenoise.bandcamp.com/album/freshman-ep

Caleb of Sinai Vessel performing "Died On My Birthday" for In The Valley Sessions in downtown Boise after their show at the High Note Cafe. Listen to Sinai Vessel here: http://sinaivessel.us Shot and Edited by Adam Wright http://www.adamwrightmedia.com

Aviator, a complex emo/post-hardcore band from Boston, performing their song "...But I Won't Be There" off of their debut LP Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt near a state preservation office in Boise, ID. Listen to Aviator here: http://aviatorma.bandcamp.com To see Adam Wright Media's other work visit http://www.adamwrightmedia.com

New Jersey's Prawn (Topshelf Records) performing two songs in front of a sign shop Boise's Hyde Park. Listen to Prawn here: https://prawnnj.bandcamp.com Filmed and Edited by Adam Wright https://www.adamwrightmedia.com Big thanks to Boise's Young, Planetary for letting us borrow an acoustic. https://youngplanetary.bandcamp.com/album/the-bedroom-sessions

Boise, ID folk punker John Primrose performing a Thermals cover and an original song entitled 'Lost Boy' at Castle Rock in Boise, ID. Find John Primrose here: https://www.facebook.com/JohnPrimroseMusic Video shot and edited by Adam Wright. http://www.adamwrightmedia.com http://www.facebook.com/adamwrightmedia

Joey Vannucchi of Yosemite Valley's From Indian Lakes performing 'Ghost' before their set at Treefort Music Festival. Listen/buy to Absent Sounds (the band's latest release) here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/absent-sounds/id904109444

Kevin Devine (Brookln, NY) was kind enough to perform a couple songs before him and the Goddamn Band played at WaterCooler in Boise, ID on their tour with Dads and Field Mouse. Listen to Kevin Devine here: http://www.kevindevine.net 

P.S. Kevin is on of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and this may be my favorite sessions to date. 

Brent Walsh (I The Mighty) performing "Ride the Air" and "The Truth Is..." off of his solo record 7, which came out November 2014, in Hail The Sun's van outside of The Crux in Boise, ID during their tour with The Ongoing Concept.

Boise, ID based emo punk band Telescopes As Time Machines performing their songs 'Urban Undertow' and 'Dreamfasting' at their practice space/living room.

Indie/alternative band Foreign Sons from Las Vegas, NV performing their song 1721 outside of The District Coffee House in downtown Boise. Check out music, photos, and more from the band here: https://www.facebook.com/ForeignSons http://www.foreignsons.com Watch the official lyric video for '1721' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_RPvguxIDk

Boise, ID indie/folk band Hollow Wood performing a stripped back version of their song "Bark At The Moon" off of their recently announced 'Wallflower EP' in a Northwest Boise living room. Listen/buy merch/view tour dates here: http://hollowwoodmusic.com

Ben of Portland, OR based emo/punk band Hemingway performing their song "Over The Phone" outside of The Shredder before their set in Boise, ID. Listen to Hemingway here: https://hemingwaypdx.bandcamp.com

Las Vegas, NV based singer/songwriter Bobby Meader Music performing his song "Rotating Signs" on the pedestrian bridge next to 9th Street in Boise, ID. Listen to more of his music here: https://bobbymeader.bandcamp.com

San Diego, CA based Hotel Books performing their song "Lose Yourself" on top of the 9th Street Parking Garage in Boise, ID Listen to Hotel Books here: https://hotelbooks.bandcamp.com

Boise, ID musician Matt Coate (formerly of For the Sake of, Grand Falconer, and Fires In France) performing an original song from his new singer/songwriter project in front of the Boise Train Depot overlooking downtown.

Lee from Portland, OR based Lee Corey Oswald (No Sleep Records) performing an unreleased original tune in an East Boise neighborhood. Check out Lee Corey Oswald here: https://leecoreyoswald.bandcamp.com
Lee from Portland, OR based Lee Corey Oswald (No Sleep Records) performing a Mountain Goats cover in an East Boise neighborhood. Check out Lee Corey Oswald here: https://leecoreyoswald.bandcamp.com
Boise, ID singer/songwriter Joseph Lyle performing his song "Bats In The Air" in front of St. Johns Cathedral in downtown Boise for In The Valley Sessions.
McAlister and Drew of Boise band Wooden Feels performing their song "That World" for In The Valley Sessions.
Trevor and Rob of Boise indie punk band Sheep Among Wolves playing an acoustic cover of Taking Back Sunday's "One-Eighty By Summer" for In The Valley Sessions.